Brother Stanford Hunt, his wife Vertilee, and two daughters Erminie and Flora were the founders of Island Gospel Tabernacle. They came from Yarmouth to Clam Point on April 26, 1945, bringing with them the Full Gospel message. Their other daughter Ethel, helped on occasion when she visited from Yarmouth. 

On April 29, 1945, they held the first Pentecostal cottage meeting at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Kenneth Stewart with over 100 in attendance and received an offering totaling $7.72. 

In August of 1946, the “Boat Shop” was offered to the Hunt family. After much cleaning, the boat shop was converted to “Island Gospel Mission” with the first service being held on August 11, 1946.

The first water baptism service was held at Cripple Creek. Brother Hunt was assisted by Rev. Winger. The first candidates were; Mildred Sears, Vera Sears, Erminie Hunt, Flora Hunt, and Aunt Mattie. 

Along with the regular services at the mission, the Hunt family held outdoor service on Saturday evenings by the old Royal Bank of Canada, now known as the library. They also had a weekly Christian broadcast over the radio station CJLS, Yarmouth. 

Soon it was time to move from the little mission. Brenton Newell donated the portion of land where the church stands today. Soon he foundations were laid and the wall went up for the new church. The monies for this project were raised through freewill offerings from people in the church and community. 

On December 6, 1953, the last service was held in Island Gospel Mission, with mixed feelings; but realizing, “like a mighty army moves the Church of God.” 

The next day, December 7, the new church, “Island Gospel Tabernacle,” was dedicated to the glory of God by Rev. I. D. Raymer. Rev. K. Beesley offered the words of commendation to the pastor and the congregation on the building structure and gave the offertory prayer. The choir of 37 voices sang the hymn “Praise the Lord.” Rev. W. F. Rourke, of Halifax, gave the dedicatory prayer. There was a total of 16 ministers present. Although the attendance was not recorded, there were 57 cars. 

Island Gospel Tabernacle was closed for a time although services were occasionally held in the church by R. Cross, C. J. O'Donnel, and W. Norton. 

In 1969, Wayne Dooks reopened the church. He and his wife, Tanya, made their home with Lewis and Bernice Ross until two small rooms were made ready for them to live in on back of the church until a parsonage was purchased in McGray's (Centerville). From the reopening in 1969 until now there have been many changes made to Island Gospel Tabernacle by Pastor Dooks and other men of God following him. Some of these changes being a new parsonage built and the church structure extended. 


1945-1953 -Pastor Stanford Hunt 

1969-1972 - Rev. Wayne Dooks 

1972-1975 - Rev. Wannamaker 

1975-1978 - Rev. Gary Slauenwhite 

1978-1981 - Rev. Harlyn Purdy 

1981-1985 - Rev. David Elliott 

1985-1987 - Rev. Bruce Parsons 

1987-1992 - Rev. Carmen Crockett 

1992-2001 - Rev. Daniel Dunnett

2001-2006 - Rev. Ivan Davis 

2006-Present – Pastor Bradley S. Pass