Kicking Off Something New

The National Football League has just kicked off its new season. The beautiful part of each new season is that all teams have the same record, 0-0. That means, at that time, everybody is on level playing ground and each team mathematically has a chance to lead the league and win the championship.

Our schools have just resumed for the year recently. Sharp pencils, new clothes for many, and blank paper are just part and parcel of this annual occurrence. New textbooks have their bindings stretched and opened for the first time, workbooks get their first marks and answers in them; everything is new and fresh.

I believe that God is calling His church to something new and fresh. God said, “Behold, I am doing a new thing.” God’s message never changes, but our methods of spreading the message must change. That is what Island Gospel is trying to do.

We want to be relevant to the world around us, bringing hope to hopeless hearts and help to those who are helpless. In short, we want to be out in our world ministering as Jesus did. We have that call upon us to fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples.

To that end, Sunday morning, September 16, is the kickoff service for our new church direction called Believe. This will be a series of 30 messages and themes beginning on the 23rd and going through to May 26th. On Sunday morning, I will preach on a theme. Then, through the week, we will be having Community Groups–also known as Small Groups–around the Municipality. You can sign up for one of those groups by following our “Contact Us” button or by visiting our Facebook page linked below. Want updates on the program and Small Groups? “Like” our page on Facebook for up-to-date information regarding this series. You do not have to pre-register for these mid-week groups; you can simply show up at your convenience.

The Believe curriculum will lead us in finding out not just the “what” of faith, but also the “why.” Dr. Laurel Buckingham says that when people find out the “why,” it is easier for them to accept the “what.”

I want to extend this invitation to be part of this new direction that Island Gospel is following. It promises to be exciting and rewarding. We have some exciting outreach efforts to come which will be a fun way to give back to our community.

With all the freshness of the fall season, let us be refreshed to “Believe” in a powerful, loving, unending, and awesome God. Why not let Island Gospel help you to do that? Our services on Sunday are at 10AM and 6:30PM. We’ll be watching for you. See you soon!

Pastor Brad


Rev. Bradley Pass is an energetic minister of the Gospel who has been in full time ministry since 1998. His greatest passion is to see people reach their full potential in Christ. Pastor Brad is joined in his ministry by his loving wife of 33 years (Laurie), and they have been blessed with three children, all married.