As I write this, I am sitting in one of Barrington’s most popular places. A hint – they serve coffee and donuts there. All around me are people in various stages of conversation. Some are laughing, some are very serious, some are catching up on happenings, but all are contending with what life has brought them. 

The strange thing about it is that perhaps the ones who are laughing hardest may be the ones who are broken the most inside. We don’t know unless they let us in. What strikes me is the amount of brokenness, suffering, and pain that is all around us and if we do not ask, we will not know.

Now I’m not talking about being nosy and invasive, but I think that in our communications with others, if we are alert, we may find them hurting. The truth is that many people in our world are in pain – physical, emotional, or spiritual. The Bible tells us that we should rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. It’s easy to celebrate together, but often it’s much harder to support people in their difficulty.

Island Gospel – Clam Point wants to be a centre for those who hurt, for those who struggle, for those who have no idea which way to turn. It is our objective to show Christ to all with whom we have contact.

That’s why we have this website. We also have a Facebook page. I (Pastor Brad) am available via email at any time at igtbrad@gmail.com, and you can also reach out via our “Contact Us” button at the top of this page.

The reason for this is for us to be at your service. We seek to make a difference in our community. In recent years, the church as an institution has had the reputation of having her hand out, looking for something from the community.

Our vision is to have our hand out, giving to the community, the Municipality of Barrington (MOB). We are a small church with the same challenges as any other church. We do not have great amounts of money. But we do care. Watch for us in the community doing random acts of kindness and trying to meet our community with no agenda other than to brighten your day.

I believe that if Christians brighten the world around them with service and love, people will be a lot more receptive to Christ. It’s not about us growing a church, but in making Christ known. If you see us at work in some venture, don’t be nervous. Please understand, we are simply here to brighten your day and be a blessing.

At Island Gospel – Clam Point we love our community!


Rev. Bradley Pass is an energetic minister of the Gospel who has been in full time ministry since 1998. His greatest passion is to see people reach their full potential in Christ. Pastor Brad is joined in his ministry by his loving wife of 33 years (Laurie), and they have been blessed with three children, all married.