What Christmas Isn't

If you ask random people on the street the question: "What is Christmas?", you'll get many answers. Most people will say its a holiday in December where you eat good food, visit with friends and family and give presents. Some might say it's a waste of money, some might say it's too commercialized or a money racket. Some would say it's a time of presents, fruitcake and mistletoe. But none of these things are what Christmas is all about.

Christmas is not about the presents, the eggnog, the baking, the parties, the tree or the lights. Christmas isn't even about family and whether they are here or not. Christmas is about Jesus. Christmas will always be Christmas, even though the world would like us to say 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas'.

Christmas will remain Christmas because Jesus was born so long ago. He was born and thus Christmas was born. Before Jesus there was no Christmas. He was born without the decorations, the baking or the festivities. He was born without the hustle and bustle, crowded stores and mind numbing malls. He was born without the fruitcakes being baked or the parties being thrown or the songs being sung. He was born without every last bit of housework being done. He was born in a stable. The floor wasn't swept. There was no tree. No one had done any Christmas baking for Him. He didn't have any presents to open. Santa hadn't stopped by. And yet... there was Christmas.

It doesn't really matter if you celebrate Christmas or not, it won't change the fact that it is still Christmas. It doesn't matter if you do any baking or give presents or put up a tree. There will still be a Christmas whether it is allowed to be called Christmas or a happy holiday, it will still be Christmas because Jesus left Heaven to come to earth to die for the sins of mankind so they could be reconciled to a Holy God and so we celebrate. We don't celebrate the tree, the presents or the baking. We don't celebrate the carolling, visiting or decorations. We do those things to celebrate the fact that Jesus came.

Jesus is Christmas.

He is the reason why we have Christmas.


Laurie Pass is an anointed Minister of the Gospel in her own right, and is Pastor Brad's partner in ministry. She has a passion for ministry to women, and leads worship, along with many other activities in our Church, as well as teaches at a local Christian school. She is passionate about ministry and enjoys spreading the good news of the Gospel.